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Our activities

Real Estate Utexafrica Compound

TEXAF owns 60 ha of land by the river in downtown Kinshasa. Of this, 44 ha is suitable for development and TEXAF is gradually building new homes and international-class offices for rent. As well as warehouses and retail space, 287 homes and 21,000 m² of offices have already been rented out.

TEXAF continues to construct new buildings on an ongoing basis. Projects under construction include a 3,000 m² office complex on the Petit-Pont site and 33 apartments to complete the Bois Nobles project.

Kinsuka Gardens

An 87-ha site in Kinshasa’s western suburbs, with a great view of the river, is earmarked for the Jardins de Kinshasa project. Currently in the design study phase, this 1,500-home project includes all necessary infrastructure and facilities (roads, water supply system, schools, shops).

TEXAF Digital

In 2018 TEXAF decided to get involved in driving the development of Africa’s digital economy, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The first initiatives are the participation in a pan-African venture capital fund and the creation of Kinshasa’s first digital campus.


Carrigrès is the Kinshasa region’s main sandstone quarry, with a capacity of 600,000 tons per year and estimated reserves of 25 million tons. It provides raw materials for the production of concrete and the construction of the city’s roads.