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Shareholders structure

On August 24th 2020, the Company has declared to the FSMA (art. 74 of the TOB law) : Société Financière Africaine (SFA) 2,256,520 shares i.e. 62.6% Middle Way Ltd. 360,354 shares i.e. 10.00%

Société Financière Africaine is controlled by Chagawirald, itself controlled by Mr. Philippe Croonenberghs. Middle Way is 100 % controlled by Member Investments Ltd. The economic beneficiary of Member Investments Ltd is CCM Trust (Cayman) Ltd, a trust of the Cha family.

The notification threshold is the legal 5% one. Every notification can be sent to the Compliance Officer, Mr. H. de Ville de Goyet, at the registered office or at

Transparency declaration of May 13th 2014