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The rock mined is Inkisi red sandstone with an Los Angeles abrasion score of 29. All products are monitored and inspected on a monthly basis by the Laboratoire National des Travaux Publics in due compliance with the various standards imposed by the inspection bodies. Each delivery is weighed individually on an integrated weighbridge at the production facility. Products are suitable for buildings, concrete production and road construction.

  • Sand 0/4 crushed;
  • Grit 4/8 crushed;
  • Grit 8/15 crushed;
  • Grit 15/25 crushed;
  • Unprocessed gravel (UG) 0/31.5;
  • Crushed stone 40/60 and 40/80;
  • Gravel 0/80 and 0/120;
  • Stone;
  • Rip-rap;
  • Overburden.


CARRIGRES has the skilled teams and specialists, as well as the equipment, needed for high-quality production on a massive scale:

  • Allis Chalmer primary crusher that can get through 400 metric tons per hour
  • Metso HP-400 secondary crusher and first screening
  • Metso HP-300 tertiary crusher and second screening
  • Caterpillar and Volvo machines

For more details about Carrigrès products, please email or call sales