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Corporate social responsability

Texaf Bilembo

TEXAF is the founder and head sponsor of Kinshasa’s main cultural center, TEXAF BILEMBO. Covering more than 1,000m², TEXAF BILEMO aims to draw attention to contemporary Congolese artists through temporary exhibitions and to hold workshops for 12-18-year-olds to teach them about their roots (Bilembo is a Lingala word that carries this connotation), the country’s agricultural resources and the challenges involved in sustainable development.

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YEMA YEMA’s mission is to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Lodja and the surrounding region in Sankuru province. Badly hit by successive wars and pillaging, the area suffers from high unemployment and the accompanying ills (including malnutrition and violence). This project is headed by Pierre-Albert Ngueliele and Béatrice Yseboodt, and is primarily focused on education and training. View CSR report

Ndako Ya Biso

NDAKO YA BISO (“Our home” in Lingala) is an initiative of the Communauté de Chemin Neuf, which was formed in 2004 and is headed by brother Jean-Pierre Godding. Comprising 46 employees and 16 volunteer mothers, it has been set up to help abandoned children on the streets of Kinshasa and return them to their families. View CSR report


For more than 10 years, CHIRPA (Chirurgie Pédiatrique en Afrique) has been helping Congolese pediatricians save children with heart or urological deformities. A hundred children travelled abroad for surgery with the help of Chaine de l’Espoir-Belgique. The charity’s campaigns help ensure such surgery can now be done locally by Congolese surgeons. View CSR report

Kin'Art Studio

TEXAF stelt de KIN’ART STUDIO (KAS) studio's ter beschikking waar de artiesten in alle rust en met de nodige ruimte kunnen werken. KAS is een onafhankelijke organisatie van kunstenaars die creatieve ontwikkelingen stimuleert op het gebied van de beeldende kunsten en andere hedendaagse uitdrukkingsvormen, en daarnaast de wereldwijde uitwisselingen tussen artiesten en artistieke initiatieven bevordert. Het is in 2011 opgericht door de kunstenaar Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo om jonge Congolese artiesten te ondersteunen bij hun streven naar professionalisering.

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TEXAF also supports the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Africa Museum), which reopened at the end of 2018 to great international acclaim. TEXAF specifically sponsors an AfricaTube room, a digital platform by and for young people to present African cyberspace as a place of creation and exchange without boundaries. View CSR report


A TEXAF partner for the past seven years, Comequi, is a Belgian non-profit organization that works to provide rural inhabitants on the banks of Kivu lake with the means to start up sustainable development activities to increase their income and improve their quality of life.

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