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Yolande Nimy
Commercial and marketing manager

A relaxing and friendly environment is a key benefit for the client. We offer not only high-quality housing but also a beautiful setting and services that are fitting for these homes.

Hilarion Mwayesi
Operations manager of CARRIGRES

Our challenge is maximizing production while optimizing the productivity and efficiency of the equipment we have at our disposal, without neglecting the safety and security of our people and our property.

Olivier Pirotton
Financial Manager

After several recruitments, the Financial Department has increased its performance in order to provide more reliable, more accurate and faster information. This requires improving the team’s capabilities and their training, explaining the issues so that the vision is clear and shared by all, automating what can be, and formalizing different types of control.

Roger Akala
Manager Human Resources

The efficient contribution of human resources is a major asset in the transformation process of the company. And to achieve this, the selection is rigorous in order to track down human capital, and then nurture it to make it able to participate in management and answer client needs.

Raymond Mendy
General manager Texaf Digital

Building a digital entrepreneurship ecosystem is a very daring initiative, but necessary for the identification of entrepreneurial leaders, the push for new technologies  and the growth of the digital sector

Sébastien Hétuin
New constructions manager

I want the issues of sustainable development and sturdiness to be at the heart of our strategy, in order to contribute to the urban development of Kinshasa, because our projects leave their mark on the environment ln the long term.

Monina Kiadi
General secretary

The function implies, on the one hand, the processing and administrative follow-up of files that face constant changes in legislation and, on the other hand, the investigation of litigation dossiers, mainly about estates, that are subject to some greedy attacks.

Hubert de Ville
Financial director TEXAF and Compliance Officer

We bring the Congolese reality in alignment with the IFRS guidelines and European regulations, which are constantly evolving.

Olivier Polet
Technical Manager Real Estate

In order to manage and maintain the vast real estate of TEXAF, it is necessary to constantly adapt operating strategies, optimize working methods, improve on quality, safety and environment and ensure compliance with ruling standards.