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Real Estate


Most of the group’s real estate assets are located in the immediate outskirts of the centre of Kinshasa (Ngaliéma municipality), close to the central business district and infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, cultural centres and embassies. They are also situated within the so-called “secure” zone of the city, where there is high demand for housing and offices from individuals, companies, NGOs and international organisations.

UTEXAFRICA / TEXAF’s portfolio of residential real estate is located on the banks of the river and consists of 36 villas and 218 apartments. Recreational infrastructure is also provided for the tenants such as swimming pools, restaurants, tennis courts and a multi-use sports ground. Power for the site is ensured by backup generators. The occupancy rate for these residential spaces is close to 100%.

There is a total of 2,600 m² of leased commercial floor space, situated beside the residential zones, with the added convenience of its proximity to shops and services (grocery store, bakery, medical office, bank branch, school, etc.)

The residential and commercial zones are distributed around a derelict industrial zone of 14 ha (former textile factory) comprising 90,000 m² of offices and warehouses. Conversions are carried out at the request of potential tenants.

There are plans for the complete redevelopment of this site so as to be able to simultaneously offer new residential, commercial and office spaces, an invaluable advantage in a city of over 10 million inhabitants with ever-worsening transport problems.

Opposite the UTEXAFRICA / TEXAF concessions is the COTEX complex (around 3.2 ha),also a former textile factory, 4,500 m² of which has already been developed into office space.

The PETIT PONT site (3,500 m²), the purchase of which was completed in February 2008, is located at the end of Boulevard du 30 juin, Kinshasa’s main artery, opposite the COTEX complex. After several years of legal proceedings, TEXAF has secured the eviction of the illegal occupants and has been able to recover possession of the plot. A study is underway for the development of a large office building on the site.

The CPA site (104 ha), which formerly housed a wax production plant, is located around ten kilometres from the city centre. This unique location is destined for major development with a particular focus on affordable housing for the local population. Construction of a new access road by a Chinese firm will improve the possibilities for exploiting this asset.