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Texaf Bilembo Cultural Centre

Texaf Bilembo Cultural Centre

Workshop for teachers
Large exhibition hall

As a place of contemporary art, TEXAF-BILEMBO was labeled in 2017 by Steeve Bandoma who took "Possession" of space with striking installations of banana skins and other gliding; his mass graves of professional models have challenged, disturbed a public come en masse to greet the master. On the walls, powerful works, included in a catalog produced in partnership with the Parisian art gallery Angalia. JC Lofenia, popular painter, exhibited his paintings under the theme of "In pursuit of lost time", an underlying criticism of a humanity subject to the diktats of technology and fashion. Finally, Hassan Tshamala presented monumental sculptures in wood entitled "The last woods of the Belgians". These sculptures are the memory of almost hundred-year-old trees that bordered the main avenues in Kinshasa.
In terms of the environment, the year 2017 was very rich: TEXAF BILEMBO opened a new workshop on biodiversity, protected species and the ecological footprint we leave on the planet; pupils from Congolese schools, Belgian and American schools, appreciate. The European Union has followed suit by organizing a conference-debate entitled "Beyond elephants" as part of its program XIth EDF support for protected areas. The year ended with a large meeting of the European Economic Circle and a conference of His Excellency the Ambassador of the European Union, Bart Ouvry, the Director General of the National Institute of Nature Conservation, Pasteur Cosma, and Tozzi Panu Panu, the Government's representative in international climate processes, who has restored the achievements of the Berlin COP.

The works of contemporary artists and ethnographic objects are the subject of a comprehensive inventory that now sets the value of the heritage of the association. A "Young talents" contest is now launched with the support of CFAO and the Angalia gallery in Paris; this competition will help to discover new rising values ??and stimulate creation.
TEXAF-BILEMBO, they are also atmospheres with a Christmas concert animated by Kinphonik and a school of music and songs within the Space (Muzik'All); TEXAF-BILEMBO also hosts yoga and meditation every Saturday.

TEXAF-BILEMBO participated in the 5th edition of the Book Festival and presented the play "Kadogo" and educational workshops entitled "Youth Literature and Environment". It hosted the 2nd edition of the festival "Alimenterre", with projection of films on the agricultural world and exhibition of photos "Prides peasant".
TEXAF-BILEMBO, it is also the corner of the friends of the cinema, a Thursday by month, an access to the bookstore and the space library; the opportunity for other talents, craftsmen and authors to be discovered; the opportunity to discover some local products of women entrepreneurs like Nadine or Gratitude.

Chantal Tombu now works part time in space and has undertaken with the team of Chride to beautify the site even more, and surprise with authentic Ethiopian cuisine that takes place every Friday and Saturday.
Alongside TEXAF, other companies support the Space: CFAO, ADVANS Bank, VODACOM and BRACONGO brewery. In Belgium, the non-profit organization "Friends of TEXAF-BILEMBO" was created and becomes a new medium of choice with the help of Charlotte Croonenberghs and Professor Van Der Elst.
The TEXAF-BILEMBO web site is now a superb visiting card for Espace.

On the sidelines of the TEXAF-BILEMBO Space, the TEXAF group also hosts the Kin'Art Studio, a collective of internationally renowned Congolese artists led by Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo, who set up their workshops in the former factory and who have preview the exhibition that will come to Europe in 2018.