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Ndaka ya Biso

The association NDAKO YA BISO ("Our house" in Lingala), is an initiative of the Community of Chemin Neuf which was born in 2004 and which is directed by the father Jean-Pierre Godding sj. Comprised of 46 employees and 16 volunteer mothers, this association aims to help abandoned children on the streets of Kinshasa and reintegrate them into their families.

NDAKO YA BISO is organized around 2 reception centers, one for boys and the other for street girls, a listening house for distressed young adults, and a professional formation center.

It also relies on 7 meeting places in the very popular communes of Makala, Ngaba and Lemba in Kinshasa.

The reception centers for boys and girls were inaugurated respectively in 2005 and 2012. They together welcomed 172 children in 2017.

At the end of a sometimes long and difficult process, 209 children were reintegrated into their families (126 boys and 83 girls) in 2017 and only 19 children went back to the streets, a success rate of 91%.

The listening house also helped 221 young adults in difficulty.

All children registered in the centers are treated free in the dispensary of the association, run by 2 specialized nurses.

The reintegration of children into their families is not an end in itself. It needs to be consolidated over the long term. For this, the association NDAKO YA BISO has developed a whole series of initiatives:
- schooling of children;
-    professional training ;
- access to microcredit (228 files opened in 2017 for a total amount of USD 13k);
- loans to provide rental guarantees for better housing (26 families benefited from this program in 2017);
- regular follow-up visits (690 children concerned, 3,400 home visits and 1,769 visits to the school, provided by 9 educators in 2017);
- parent-parent meetings for an exchange of experiences and advice in conflict management education and training (14 meetings with 277 parents).

The TEXAF group has been supporting this initiative since 2011 and offers concrete opportunities for these young people trained by the association, offering them employment contracts in certain cases.