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Commitments in the D.R. Congo

The TEXAF group aims to support, insofar as possible, development projects in the DRC that are not necessarily directly connected with the group’s corporate object but which contribute to the image that TEXAF wishes to convey.
In a spirit of full transparency, the TEXAF Board of Directors introduced an innovation in 2012, proposing that, from that point on, the budget allocated to a set of projects should be submitted to the General Meeting.
It gives an annual report on group interventions, not all of which are necessarily financial in nature.

In 2012, the same four projects as in 2011 were given particular attention by the group:

  • The first relates to improving the quality of life of the population of Lodja and its surrounding areas. Severely affected by looting and successive wars, this population has to deal with a significant level of unemployment and the scourges that come with it (malnutrition and violence, among others). It is supported by husband and wife Pierre-Albert Nguliéle and Béatrice Yseboodt, who mainly focus their work on training and education.
  • The second project concerns improving healthcare in the DRC and, in particular, the care of children suffering from serious but curable illnesses via specific medical-surgical treatment. This project is supported by Chaîne de l’Espoir Belgium, Chaîne de l’espoir DRC and Espoir de vie grouped together within the non-profit association CHIRPA.
  • The third is the COMEQUI project, whose objective is to give the farmers of Kivu the means to develop practical activities for sustainable development by themselves to increase their income and provide for their families’ needs (children’s education, healthcare, etc.).
  • The fourth project is the non-profit association AFRICA KIDS, set up 9 years ago to raise funds for child orphans in Africa.