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Profile & Strategy

TEXAF is a public limited company registered and domiciled in Belgium. Its registered office is located at Avenue Louise 130A, 1050 Brussels. TEXAF was formed on 14 August 1925.

TEXAF is an investment company listed on Euronext with a focus on the industrial,  real estate and agricultural spheres in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
TEXAF’s traditional focus is industrial, and it intends to maintain and intensify this approach.

TEXAF also wishes to play a major role in Congo’s revival by driving new investment projects.
With a good knowledge of local conditions, the population and its leaders, and having demonstrated its ability to cope with the series of events that have shaken the Congo, TEXAF wishes to attract foreign investors to take majority or minority financial stakes in the productive sectors (infrastructure,  agri-food, energy, finance, etc.)  that generate a high return on investment.
TEXAF can, for this purpose, use its ability to call on the capital markets either directly or indirectly via the creation of specific funds managed by TEXAF.

With sizeable land and real estate holdings, TEXAF has decided to open up and transform a portion of these available assets through balanced and diversified office, residential and commercial developments suited to different income categories, always keeping durability in mind.

TEXAF intends to realise the three ambitions outlined above in the following manner:

  • position itself firmly within the formal sector of the economy;
  • apply a policy of good governance with regard to all economic and social players;
  • favour partnerships with local operators and join forces with senior local and expatriate executives to ensure good business performance;
  • prioritise on projects that create value;
  • continue to list TEXAF shares on Euronext and promote measures that improve share liquidity in order to give the greatest number of savers the opportunity to invest in the DRC’s expected growth.