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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

                                                                   Expiration of mandate

Philippe Croonenberghs (1950)                                2021
Chairman, non-executive member (from May 9th 2017 on)
With a degree in applied economics from UFSIA (University Faculties Saint Ignatius Antwerp), Philippe Croonenberghs began his career with a 3-year posting to Iraq. He joined TEXAF in 1985. Put in charge of investments by the shareholder Cobepa, he fulfilled various directorships between 1992 and 2002 within companies such as Ibel, Zénitel, Uco, Aon and Fortales. In 2002, he organized a MBO on TEXAF and, at his initiative and under his direction, the TEXAF group's business model was reoriented, abandoning the heavily loss-making textile business in favor of a real estate activity. He has been Managing Director of TEXAF for 20 years and Chairman since 2017.

Herman De Croo (1937)                                         2019
Vice-Chairman, non-executive member
Herman De Croo is the longest-serving member of the Board, being a Director since 1981. His successive terms of office have been interrupted by his numerous ministerial appointments: National Education, Communications, Posts & Telegraphs, Pensions, and Foreign Trade. He is honorary mayor of Brakel (East Flanders Province in Belgium), a post he held effectively for several decades. Herman De Croo has been elected without any interruption since 1968 for national positions. He is Minister of State and a former President of the Chamber of Representatives (1999-2007). He has been very active in the Advisory Committee on European Affairs and in the Commission for Foreign Affairs. He chaired the special commission on the financial crisis. He is i.a. chairman of CRE-AC, the Research and Expertise Center for Central Africa, chairman of the European Transport Safety Council, founder and chairman of the Veteran Cars Museum Autoworld and chairman of the Cardiological Foundation Princess Lilian. Since May 25th 2014, he is elected as a Member of the Flemish Parliament. Herman De Croo has a law degree from ULB (Free University of Brussels - French-speaking section). He has taught at the University of Chicago (Law School), ULB (public law) and the VUB (Free University of Brussels - Dutch-speaking section) (Common Law and Civil Law). He is the author of a large number of publications.
Herman De Croo is very familiar with the Congo, having visited the country on numerous occasions.


Dominique Moorkens (1948)                                     2020
Vice-Chairman, non-executive member (from May 9th 2017 on)
Dominique Moorkens began his career within the Alcopa family group as manager of an automobile dealership. He took over as Director in 1981 and in this role restructured the group based on the principles of good governance. The Alcopa group, the Board of Directors of which he was Managing Director and Chairman for many years, is active in the distribution of 2 and 4-wheeled vehicles.
It has turnover of over EUR 1.5 billion generated in Europe countries as well as internationally. The group employs more than 2,300 people.
Dominique Moorkens is also a Director of Carmeuse. He is involved with numerous organisations dedicated to governance and entrepreneurship : Chairman of the Board of FBN Belgium and Pulse Foundation, director of Guberna. He is honorary consul for the Republic of Korea

Vincent Bribosia, representing Chanic s.a
Independant member
Vincent Bribosia is a MA Law (Université de Liège) as well as a Master in Management from CEPAC (ULB), and followed executive education programs form London School of Economics and Harvard Business School. He came from the Suez-Société Générale de Belgique group where he held various positions, i.a. chief of staff of the managing director, Mr. Gérald Mestrallet. He was secretary and member of the Management Board of Société Générale de Belgique and, in that capacity, was director of numerous companies, among which Finoutremer, Chanic and several unlisted ones. He was also a member of the staff to the Minister for Employment from 1983-86. In 2000, Vincent Bribosia bought from the Suez-Société Générale de Belgique group its stake in Chanic and is now Chairman of that company.

Charlotte Croonenberghs (1989)                                2021
Non-executive member
Charlotte Croonenberghs is Master in Law (Leuven). After several traineeships (Alpro, Beiersdorf) including 4 months in the political and economic section of the Belgian Embassy in Bangkok, she graduated magna cum laude from ESCP Europe (Paris and London) as Master in International & European Business (MEB). She is presently group marketing manager with L'Oréal.

Christophe Evers (1960)                                      2021
CFO, executive member
A MA Business Administration from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Christophe Evers began his career with Umicore. In 1989 he joined Cobepa, where he became Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Executive Committee. In 2001 he became a member of Bpost's Executive Committee in charge of business development, real estate and all activities outside of Mail and Retail.. From 2004 to 2010 he was a partner in the investment bank Drakestar Partners, specialized in technology. Christophe Evers is a professor at the Solvay Brussels School and author of several financial publications.

Michel Gallez (1958)                                         2021
Graduate of Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Brussels, he has a long experience in textiles in Africa. He was first dispatched to Kinshasa by the British group Tootal Textiles as financial manager of CPA Zaire and then, since 1994, in the Cha group, for whom he set up a distribution channel for textile products throughout Africa, fulfilled various functions as financial and general manager and sat in the Boards of numerous affiliates. He was the last general manager of Congotex and is presently the Executive Director of United Nigerian Textiles, the largest group of textile factories in Nigeria.

Danielle Knott (1968)                                        2021
Danielle Knott is born in Kinshasa. She is a Master in Law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (cum laude) and holder of a MBA from the Ecole de Perfectionnement en Management. She was an attorney at law during 5 years, she then joined the Carmeuse Group in the human resources department. Danielle Knott is presently heading this department. Next to that responsability in Europe and North America, she is in charge of various missions for the CEO of Carmeuse. Danielle Knott recently took over the management of a new Business Unit created within Groupe Carmeuse, in addition to her responsibilities in human resources.

Pascale Tytgat (1960)                                        2021
MA Business Administration from the Solvay Brussels School (1983) and IFRS certified from Université Catholique de Louvain (2005), Pascale Tytgat is statutory auditor (1990). She is founding managing partner of BST Réviseurs d’Entreprises (1991). She sits in the qualification examination jury of the Institute of Statutory Auditors of Belgium since 2006, where sha had been a member of the Quality Control Commission for 20 years (1995-2016) .On top of which, she accomplishes several financial expertise missions in Belgium and France.

Jean-Philippe Waterschoot (1963)                             2019
Executive member, CEO
A civil engineer from the Faculty of Applied Sciences of ULB (Free University of Brussels - French-speaking section) (ICME 88), Jean-Philippe Waterschoot began his career within the TEXAF group in Lubumbashi in 1989. Having occupied various operational posts at the UTEXAFRICA textile factory, he was Managing Director up to the time of the textile branch’s merger with CONGOTEX.
He is Director of the National Business Federation of Congo, director and permanent representative of the CBL-ACP Chamber of Commerce, director of several non-profit and business associations in DRC and Advisor in Economic Diplomacy with the Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa. He is an Officer of the Leopold's Order.

Albert Yuma Mulimbi (1955) 
Non-executive member
With a Master of Applied Economics from UCL (Catholic University of Louvain - French-speaking section), Albert Yuma has, since 1983, held positions at all administrative levels at UTEXAFRICA to reach the position of Co-Managing Director, a function he shares with Jean-Philippe Waterschoot. An influential figure in the DRC, Albert Yuma is Chairman of the Congolese Employers’ Federation (FEC), Director of the Congolese Central Bank and Chairman of the Audit Committee as well as Chairman of Gécamines. He sits on the council of the International Labour Organisation in Geneva and is Vice-President of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE). He  is a Director of the Belgian-Congolese Chamber of Commerce. He is a Commander of the Crown's Order.